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Bubblegum Bandit

Bubblegum Bandit Lyrics by Jim Ed Brown
Bubblegum Bandit Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bubblegum Bandit By Jim Ed Brown?

(He's the bubblegum bandit)
He stands knee high tall with the western draw he got fun watchin' TV
He rides a broomstick horse and has an endless source
Of slyin' little tricks off his sleeve
He's the bubblegum (bubblegum bubblegum) bubblegum bandit (bubblegum bandit)
When the little girls kiss him he can't stand it
Ah he's a rootin' tootin' candy lootin' quick on the draw capgun shootin'
He's the bubblegum bandit

He's got pocket full of trash and a little milk mustache freckles on a dirty face
He leaves toys on the floor and on the walls and doors
He leaves little fingerprint traces
He's the bubblegum (bubblegum bubblegum)

(He's the bubblegum bandit)
He's got rooses and scratches little britches with patches boots with spurs so shiny
And it stick 'em up Mack put the loot in the sack in a voice so tough and whiny
He's the bubblegum (bubblegum bubblegum)
Bandit he's the bubblegum bandit

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