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Trouble Lyrics by Jim Guthrie
Trouble Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Trouble By Jim Guthrie?

Want those leaves untouched
Bypass time
Shouldn't need a crutch
To hold me
Leaves fell
And you're here with me

All things must pass eventually
Seems good
And we knew that it would
Holding back
Cut me loose here's the ax
It's no trouble
Since when was it trouble

I'm right you'll see
It's all I can think about
If it's trouble you want
Could it take my place 'cause
Trouble has more destinations
Trouble has more fun
And sometimes
It seems my only occupation

Want those trees uncut
Lay no roads
Don't put those buildings up around me
You'll see they're so damn ugly, right?
Makes you crazy
Steals my gift of symmetry with
Trouble has more destinations
Trouble has more fun
And one time
It cut me clear across the face

Who Wrote Trouble By Jim Guthrie?

James Guthrie

What's The Duration Of The Trouble By Jim Guthrie?

The duration of Trouble is 5:36 minutes and seconds.

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