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Walk It Out [Remix][*]

Walk It Out [Remix][*] Lyrics by Jim Jones
Walk It Out [Remix][*] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Walk It Out [Remix][*] By Jim Jones?

[Chorus x2:]
Now walk it out
Now walk it out
Now walk it out
Now walk it out
Westside walk it out, southside walk it out,
Eastside walk it out, northside walk it out

Now walk it out like a usher
If you say real talk I probably won't trust you
If you wanna go to war, the gun's my pleasure
Even Jesus had 12 disciples on the level, trigger, whatever
Pumm you don't want now dega 3 thou
I'm like jury duty your new to this part of town
Your white tee well to me looks like a nightgown
Make you mama proud take that thing to sizes down
Then you look like the man that you are or what you could be
I could
I give a damn 'bout your car but then that would be
If it was considered a classic before the drastic change in production
When cars were metal instead of plastic value
Is what I'm talking about
Take two of these and walk it out
You'll be the reason they talk it out
You can't be the king in the parkin' lot, forever
Not saying I'm the best but till they find something better
I am here no fear write me a letter 'till then
I walk it out
I walk it out
I walk it out
I walk it out
I walk it out
I walk it out
I walk it out
I westside walk it out
I westside walk it out
I westside walk it out
Then eastside walk it out

I walk it out the bank with a lot of zeros
That's what my teachers call me predictions like they Cleo
So I did my dance for 'em
They make about 40,000
I do that in a month I'm no resorts and islands
I make them walk it out yeah it's me again
But I'm with Jones that phat stacks and Benjamin
I roll with made men
That brakes the stage in
And keep the girls happy
So you all can get the nappy
Gangsters they do they dance they do it to my song
See I was up in cali crip walking it all night long
Drop 20 on my neck got 10 on they wrist
A billion dollar look a million dollar kiss
I'm nation wide homie you're still at home homie
With no promotions on me man that's Bologna homie
The album off in stores I'm beating down you block
Now going walk it out and they're still on my jock


Jones, it's dipset byrd gang,
Ay unk holla at me,
You know how we get it up here

Eastside walk it out Bronx walk it out
Queens walk it out you know Brooklyn walk it out
Now Harlem walk it out Harlem walk it out Harlem walk it out Harlem walk shit out
Now we don't walk it out we drop top porsha it out
After I floss it out I bring my air forces out
I'm blowing purple smoke I cough it out
Ball it up and ball it out tap the bottle and then pour it out balling'

Now do the fade away, throw some paper away.
And we can skate away, tell the hoes I'll be late today.
Or I can thug it out or star stud it out.
I take a trip with my bitch and Louie luggage out.
I'm talking magic city or even body taps.
You know that money ain't a thing, we're throwing thousand stacks.
Oh yeah we toss it out, you know what I'm talking about.
When capo status in the house, you know new york is out.

Who Wrote Walk It Out [Remix][*] By Jim Jones?

Montay Humphrey, Korey Roberson, Anthony Platt, Howard Simmons, Richard Sims Jr., Reginald Jones, Miguel Willis, Jarvis Griffin

What's The Duration Of The Walk It Out [Remix][*] By Jim Jones?

The duration of Walk It Out [Remix][*] is 4:54 minutes and seconds.

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