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Introduction Lyrics by Jimi Hendrix
Introduction Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Introduction By Jimi Hendrix?

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Jimi Hendrix experience"

"I see that we meet again hmmm. Yeah well, well, well. Dig
Dig, I'd like to get something strait, we umm we got tired
Of the experience, and every once in a while we're blowing
Our minds too much, so we decided to change everything around
And a call it 'gypsy sons and rainbows' for short nothin' but
A band of gypsies. We have billy cox playin' bass, and um from
Nashville Tennessee we have lary lee playin' guitar over there
We got juma playin' congos over there, juma, and we have granny
Goose, oh I'm sorry Mitch Mitchell on drums over there, and we
Got jerry velez on congos too. You got yours truly on Pete Whistle
What me worry? Gives us about a minute and a half to tune up ok
Like we only had about two rehearsals so a we'll only do a primary
Rhythm thing, I have mine thank you
I have mine thank you, baby"

Who Wrote Introduction By Jimi Hendrix?

Jimi Hendrix

What's The Duration Of The Introduction By Jimi Hendrix?

The duration of Introduction is 10:09 minutes and seconds.

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