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That Crazy Wind

That Crazy Wind Lyrics by Jon Anderson
That Crazy Wind Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For That Crazy Wind By Jon Anderson?

Come on you crazy wind
go carry all your sweet devotion
Blow the treetops
Ride the hillside
on the mountains sing
emotion sing

Come on you crazy wind
Go dance and flow your soul emotion
Never resting 'til you blow your world's,
cleanliness, invention, intervention

Come blow your winds of raging rivers
blow the distant canyons
never touched by human contact

Come on you winds of travel
taking distances of pleasure
to the max, to the maximum

We've seen your hurricanes
smash through your windows of disaster
How in Hell the demon's anger
Set our minds in total disarray

The wind does not discriminate
It touches everyone alive
The peasant working on his knees
The billionaire with his disease

It will sail the Seven Oceans
It will sail the Future Mountains
It believes
It is sacred

Come on you wings of fire
Redefining all your life
Come on your clouds of heaven spent
Sent to show the Hand of God

You see it in the afternoon
before the Sun to set
we see it in the Blessed Morn
We know it's Heaven sent

Feel the winds of China
Feel the winds of Tibet
Feel the winds of Timbuktu
Feel the winds of Peru,
lxtapa, Maui, Fiji

Who Wrote That Crazy Wind By Jon Anderson?

Jon Anderson

What's The Duration Of The That Crazy Wind By Jon Anderson?

The duration of That Crazy Wind is 3:34 minutes and seconds.

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