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Last to Know

Last to Know Lyrics by Jon Secada
Last to Know Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Last to Know By Jon Secada?

If you say we're through
When did I lose you
Is there something I can do
Guess I'm too late to make you stay

Oh how could I've been so blind
Thought that I knew you
Thought that I could read your mind
Can you feel what I'm thinking
This is what a fool believes

First to get hurt
Last one to know
First to let you go
Last one to fall out of love
First to feel the pain
Last one to ever break your heart
First to understand it
First to get hurt and
The last one to know
Lord, help me strong
This is the time I need to feel that I belong
I know I'm gonna be alright
And at the end of the day
I really wish you all the happiness I thought that we once shared
So that you won't have to go through this


I know that the truth will find a way
To hear what we lost yesterday
So all that that remains
Is all we're trying to forget


by Princess

Who Wrote Last to Know By Jon Secada?

Robert Thiele Jr., Graham Edwards, John M. Shanks

What's The Duration Of The Last to Know By Jon Secada?

The duration of Last to Know is 4:05 minutes and seconds.

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