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Why Lyrics by Jonas
Why Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Why By Jonas?

Try turn on my TV to get you outside of my head
Feeling something deep inside that just won't admit
It's not like I don't wanna commit (wanna commit)
I just don't why I can't stop feeling like this
Tell me why (why,why)
Does hurt so bad
Tell my why(why,why)
Does it make mad
Tell me why
Tell me why
Now I can see the storms not gonna clear (not gonna clear)
Dressed in my pain
Now in my tears
Tell my why (why,why)
Does hurt so bad (why does it hurt so bad)
Tell me why (why,why)
Does it make me mad

Who Wrote Why By Jonas?

Joseph Joe Jonas, Nicholas Nick Jonas, Paul Jonas

What's The Duration Of The Why By Jonas?

The duration of Why is 2:12 minutes and seconds.

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