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Forgiven Lyrics by Jonatha Brooke
Forgiven Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Forgiven By Jonatha Brooke?

I will sing for You alone have rescued this life
Jesus, You have set me free
You alone took away all sin and disgrace
When You gave Your life to ransom me

I am forgiven at the foot of the cross
I am accepted by the power of Your love
My every stain is washed away
I am forgiven

Here I stand in the light of Your glory and grace
Where Heaven's love and justice meet
Now I live for the One who has called me by name
Who is risen and alive in me

I'm embraced at the foot of the cross
By the love and the mercies You have lavished on us
My every stain is washed away
I am forgiven

Who Wrote Forgiven By Jonatha Brooke?

Paul Joseph Moore, Chris Botti

What's The Duration Of The Forgiven By Jonatha Brooke?

The duration of Forgiven is 5:11 minutes and seconds.

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