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A Different Party

A Different Party Lyrics by Jordan Knight
A Different Party Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For A Different Party By Jordan Knight?

I don't know The way that you want this to go
Baby I'm so sick and tired of playing your games
If you say the word
I'll be there soon as it's heard
Maybe I'm wasting my time working on you

B-section I'll do my best to show you
That I'm the one to hold you
Sometimes you make me lose my mind

We can all go to a different party
Dancing in the streets with some girls from Maui
We can all rock at the Déja  Vu
And you know how we do it
I just want you to start shaking your body
Times are gonna change
Girl you know I'm naughty
I know you know
I'll go solo
With so many lovers so many offers
To be all over you ain't part of me

You won't believe
All of the tricks up my sleeve
Baby you so hypnotize me with your eyes
I can't control

Long enough to let you know
I'm getting old
Wasting my time waiting on you Change


Who Wrote A Different Party By Jordan Knight?

Robin A. Thicke, Jerry Corbetta, David Riordan, James Samuel Iii Harris, Jordan Knight, Terry Steven Lewis

What's The Duration Of The A Different Party By Jordan Knight?

The duration of A Different Party is 4:47 minutes and seconds.

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