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Rock Wit'cha

Rock Wit'cha Lyrics by Kekoa
Rock Wit'cha Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Rock Wit'cha By Kekoa?

Now that you are here with me
Baby lets do it right
Lady you know just what I mean
I want to hold you, oh so tight

Baby just touch me anywhere
Cutie you turn me on (oh baby)
I like to run my fingers through your hair
So come on and stay with me all night

I want to rock witcha baby
All night long
I want to roll witcha lady
The feeling so strong

I want to rock witcha lady
All night long
Rock n roll n roll n rock
Makin' sweet lovin' don't you ever stop

Who Wrote Rock Wit'cha By Kekoa?

Kenneth Babyface Edmonds, Daryl Simmons, Unknown Composer Author

What's The Duration Of The Rock Wit'cha By Kekoa?

The duration of Rock Wit'cha is 3:56 minutes and seconds.

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