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S.O.S. Lyrics by Kelela
S.O.S. Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For S.O.S. By Kelela?

I'm feeling a lot of pressure
Only you can help me out
Was trying to make it easy
Now your fingers in my mouth

So I lay and wait
I don't take it lightly (take it lightly)
That you're far away
But I need it nightly when I'm full I take another (take another)
Never been so greedy with a lover (lover)

Will you come around?
Before it's too late
I could touch myself, bae
But it's not the same
If you could stop and help me out

But I'll take it slowly
There's no use in rushing
The more I wait, the more I'll build up
So you better put it down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down (ah, ah)

Who Wrote S.O.S. By Kelela?

Kelela Mizanekristos

What's The Duration Of The S.O.S. By Kelela?

The duration of S.O.S. is 2:22 minutes and seconds.

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