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Dogs [DVD]

Dogs [DVD] Lyrics by Keller Williams
Dogs [DVD] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Dogs [DVD] By Keller Williams?

Earl is the dog
Sheeba is his girl
She is the queen of the tundra
He is the golden boy

Like any couple in love
They have their issues
There are lines that could never be crossed
Even though they drink from the same bowl
They could never eat from the same bowl
That's a line that can never be crossed
So don't you even try

Earl is the dog
(Little earlie)
Sheeba is his girl
(Sweet Sheeba)
She is the queen of the tundra
He is the golden boy

It's an all day affair
To lay and be petted
Spend some time with a chewy toy
Just sniff around
Follow that smell
Nudge the gate open
To the outside world
Where the squirrels run for their lives
And the scent goes on forever

He's a bed-hog
She is leaky
He's the watchdog
She's the front seat security
But the deadly gas
That can clear a room
Or make you think
You're gonna wreck the car
Eventually goes away
We don't seem to mind
It happens every day
All the time
‘Cause they can do no wrong
And now they are immortal


Who Wrote Dogs [DVD] By Keller Williams?

David Jon Gilmour, Roger Waters

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