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Cowboy Lyrics by Kenickie
Cowboy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Cowboy By Kenickie?

I woke up in Cowboy boots
Not mine, and I don't know whose
So I stretched out my arm.
To check if I am alone
On how will I get home this morning? (Oh No)

And a voice say's don't you see
These Boots were meant to be
Worn by you alone

Cowgirl's future will be hard.
It's written in her scars
And pills control her health.
She can't respect herself.
At least it makes her interesting.

Oh no.

Oh Cowgirl don't you see
These boots were meant for me
me and me alone

Cowboy asked me if it's hard
to live as something I am not
I fix him in the eye
A Clown like smile reply
Why Cowboy that's my job!

And cowboy doesn't see
These boots were meant for me
For me to wear alone

The Only Good cowboy might be a dead cowboy
But I am a Cowboy, I'm the Cowboy.

I'll always be a cowboy.

This herd grazes the city mile
They're all the same, but we like their style
And when they fall to sleep
They're careful not to be
Their real selves in their dreams

Oh Cowboy you should be
Careful that you keep
Your Spurs sharper than me.

Who Wrote Cowboy By Kenickie?

Melbourne Miller, Donald Dennis, Phillip Burrell, Miguel Collins, Donald, Lowell Dunbar, Miguel Orlando Collins, Philip Burrell, Sly Dunbar

What's The Duration Of The Cowboy By Kenickie?

The duration of Cowboy is 3:35 minutes and seconds.

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