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Track07 Lyrics by Kenny Beats
Track07 Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Track07 By Kenny Beats?

(Mic check, one-two, one-two)
(I don't write rhymes, nigga, I write checks)
(He couldn't kill a bug if he had his foot on it)
(Now lemme turn this to the judge and throw the book out)
(Let's cue it on the barbie like a motherfuckin' cookout)

(Chef mad flavors)
(Bitches suck the energy, it's like a lifesaver)
(Shave it)

(Round two)

(This time, make sure they're all dead before you leave)
(I'ma get loose like a barbed-wire fence)
(It's the significant, never frivolous, mister)
(It's the)
(And repeat that?)
(Don't compute then I gots to reroute ya)
(Try that again and I'll kill ya)

Who Wrote Track07 By Kenny Beats?

Denzel Curry, Kenneth Charles Iii Blume

What's The Duration Of The Track07 By Kenny Beats?

The duration of Track07 is 2:03 minutes and seconds.

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