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Hey There

Hey There Lyrics by Larry Raben
Hey There Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hey There By Larry Raben?

when i'm walking down the lane all by myself.
in my solitary pain i call to myself..

Hey there
You with the stars in your eyes
Love's never made a fool of you
You used to be too wise.

Hey there
You on that high-flying cloud
Though she won't throw a crumb to you
You think someday she'll come to you.

Better forget her
Her with her nose in the air
She's got you dancing on a string
Break it and she won't care

Won't you take this advice
I hand you like a brother
Or are you not seeing things too clear?
Are you too much in love to hear?
Is it all going in one ear
And out the other?

(repeat last verse)

Hey There! Hey There!
Hey There!.......

Who Wrote Hey There By Larry Raben?

Georg Christian Dolivo, Greg Fields

What's The Duration Of The Hey There By Larry Raben?

The duration of Hey There is 3:49 minutes and seconds.

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