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Sticky G

Sticky G Lyrics by LARRY
Sticky G Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Sticky G By LARRY?

Yeah, whoo, allright
Well he's walking on down the street with a happy step today
Stopping only to take a swig as he looks either way (either way)
Fee saw him digging in the trash for food just the other day ah yeah
He said, come on Sticky, come on Sticky come share my Arby's 5 for 5
Well Sticky don't talk much 'cause you see Sticky don't have much to say
He just walks around singing the same song every single day (every day)
I think it's that one about old Gidgeon and Rocky Raccoon
You see the Beatles checked out and left it no doubt
To help with good Sticky's revival, yeah, yeah, yeah
Well he's got that old Pabst Blue Ribbon smile kicking today ah yeah
I seen him with a can in either hand as he's headed my way just today
You see, in the category of life Sticky don't care where he falls no no
'cause in Sticky's mind, Sticky's mind, Sticky's got it all

Who Wrote Sticky G By LARRY?

Larry Goldings

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