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Anti-Social Lyrics by Lars Frederiksen
Anti-Social Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Anti-Social By Lars Frederiksen?

Anti, Anti-social
An heir apparent to a heathen nation
Oblivion here I come
A nomad walking I'm the son of Satan
Anti, Anti-social
Introverted only by introspection
Hellion what I've become
Invade your lives with evil and murder
Brace your life among the light's fluorescent shine I operate right through your spine
Blast in your foundation with chaos and aggression
You just might like what you will find
Just give it time, just give it time
Anti, anti-social I bring famine
Death and annihilation
Mideon a soul-less one
I'll greet you with fire and blasphemy

Who Wrote Anti-Social By Lars Frederiksen?

Lars Frederiksen, Timothy Armstrong

What's The Duration Of The Anti-Social By Lars Frederiksen?

The duration of Anti-Social is 2:06 minutes and seconds.

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