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No Goodbyes

No Goodbyes Lyrics by LaRue
No Goodbyes Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For No Goodbyes By LaRue?

If I could look back on me what would I see? I'd see this as
A dream coming to a place that's Been our heart and soul
See the pieces in our life Falling faster into time And in the
End I want to say Chorus no goodbyes Just smile

Don't cry To embrace Life live in this time I don't know how
Long or far we'll go But I know that You have called us
So Been our heart and soul We've done it all with no
Regrets And to be the first who says Chorus

Who Wrote No Goodbyes By LaRue?

Natalie Larue, Phillip Larue

What's The Duration Of The No Goodbyes By LaRue?

The duration of No Goodbyes is 3:21 minutes and seconds.

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