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Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen Lyrics by Lash
Beauty Queen Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Beauty Queen By Lash?

You ain't a little angel, no more
You turn into a stranger, what for
Just how far, can you go
Oh who knows
You think I'm entertainment, waoh
Can't you see I'm danger, uh oh
You're on your way
You're going further every day

Now I've got to let you go
Wo wo, wo wo ah oh
And I've got to let you know
Wo wo ho ho
There's a door, you didn't see
Don't you know, I'm a beauty queen yeah

You say you want to makeup, uh oh
But hey it's time to break up, uh oh
Just how far, will I go
Well who knows
So now you're entertainment, uh oh
You didn't see the danger, uh oh
I'm on my way
I'm going further every day

Beauty Queen
Didn't see


Who Wrote Beauty Queen By Lash?

Barry John Joseph Palmer, Caroline Frances Kennedy-mccracken, Peter Robert Jones

What's The Duration Of The Beauty Queen By Lash?

The duration of Beauty Queen is 3:46 minutes and seconds.

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