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Riptide Lyrics by Laura Veirs
Riptide Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Riptide By Laura Veirs?

Riptide pulls me out into the open sea
My toes dangle for a place to stand and be

Oh starry night, come and chart a course
Or send me a boat with an anchor set
I'll pull myself ashore

Left with essence
Of the moon and stars and night
There's no other route
I cannot take self to flight
I'll float here with the shrimp and brine
And on my cheeks and hair
The salt will always shine
And with this phosphorescence map
A sailor's chart, a mermaid's hand
Something I'll find

Oh starry night, come and chart a courseā€¦

Who Wrote Riptide By Laura Veirs?

Laura Veirs

What's The Duration Of The Riptide By Laura Veirs?

The duration of Riptide is 4:17 minutes and seconds.

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