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Player's Prayer

Player's Prayer Lyrics by Lloyd
Player's Prayer Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Player's Prayer By Lloyd?

Thou shall not run these streets
Thou shall not hit these clubs
Every night of the week looking for some groupie love
Thou shall respect your heart
Thou shall not play you hard
But I did
I was wrong, and I'm hating it

'Cause now I'm calling ya cell phone
Over and over
My high is gone
But I don't wanna be sober
I'm feeling sick, and I ain't got the flu
Girl, I'm missing you

Girl, I'm on my knees (knees)
I promise I'll be good
And I will never do it again (again)
On my knees (knees)
I can't get over you (you)
All I need is one more chance (one more chance)
I was just playing wit' them girls
I was gonna get right back (get right back)
I was tripping; your love is where it's at
I'm on my knees
Lord, please show me some love
And answer this player's prayer

Thou shall not stand you up (up)
Thou shall not put his friends (friends)
Before you and leave you lonely every weekend
Thou shall not waste your time
Thou shall not make you cry
But I did
I was wrong, and I'm hating it


I'm sorry
I must have been crazy
(I must have been crazy, baby)
I'm going; I'm lost, out trying to find me

I need your love right here to guide me
Home is all I know
I thought you loved me for sure
And I want it back

Please don't say that
I can't get it back
Lord, please answer this player's prayer
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
My prayer
Oh no
Oh no, no, no, no


Do it again
One more chance

Get right back
Where it's at
Show me some love
And answer this player's prayer

Who Wrote Player's Prayer By Lloyd?

Lloyd Polite, Jasper Tremaine Cameron

What's The Duration Of The Player's Prayer By Lloyd?

The duration of Player's Prayer is 4:11 minutes and seconds.

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