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Valentine Lyrics by Lloyd
Valentine Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Valentine By Lloyd?


Hair brush
From a touch
My emotions erupt
Realize that I'm stuck
Trapped inside of her seduction
Losin' my mind each and every time she's around (oh yeah)
Tell Scotty: "Beam me up"
You the endin' of the world
Oh Miss Lady Luck, I done met the perfect girl
So could this be true lovin' that I found? (oh yeah)

Don't know what to do (so, baby, I)
Give my heart to you (my valentine)
Through and through (a thousand times)
It feels so true - this love of mine

So what do I do? (Baby, I...)
Give my heart to you (my valentine)
Through and through a thousand times...
Feels so true - this love of mine

Seems daily we Growin'
Baby, ain't no rush
Hit the clutch, bring it down
Slow it up till it sho' 'nuff
Girl, my heart's in the pants of my brain
I'm in love (oh yeah)
My building feels like a million bucks
Tell Cupid I've been struck
We're too late, couldn't duck
Thank the Lord everyday
Must be heaven sent from above (oh baby)

And I don't know what to do
I can't stop loving you
But it's cool 'cause I'm learnin' the truth
So I Can't deny to myself
That I'm crazy over you
Now my heart beats for two
But it just ain't enough to let you know
Girl, you gotta feel it in you soul



If it feels a dream, don't wake me
The thought bein' with you just takes me
To moon and the stars
The world revolves around my heart
We're travelin' at the speed of light
And my heart beat from this just with the thought of
Just one night with you (yeah)
You are my dream come true (oh yeah)
I only dream of you (oh baby)
You are my dream come true (girl, I can fly)







Who Wrote Valentine By Lloyd?

Traci Colleen Hale, Joyce Darlene Irby, Wirlie Morris, Lloyd Polite

What's The Duration Of The Valentine By Lloyd?

The duration of Valentine is 4:33 minutes and seconds.

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