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When I Hustle

When I Hustle Lyrics by Lloyd
When I Hustle Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For When I Hustle By Lloyd?

No I'll be there in the minute
But I got something to do
Look you should know there's one main thing you're next

[Chorus: Lloyd]
When I hustle, baby I be thinking of you
I'm always on the grind don't spend a lot of time like we used to do
Now be out on these streets 'cause you know we got to eat and you know that's the truth
Now no matter my hustle, I'm coming home to you
Shorty I'm coming home to you

Yeah I'm a hustler yeah, but baby girl I wanna f*ck with you
You the type to make the thug nigga turn lub a dub
Mommy let me tell you
I ain't nothing like these other scrubs
H-u-e-y, cowboy he fly, got money to the hiz-eye
Thats why I fly geez-eye
If any brother tell u he do you better he lie
No I ain't Nelly but could make you holler E.I.
When you f-u-c-k-i-n-g in the treetop
Bet you will see it's best then ever when we ride
Count you a summer wardrobe come spring time
The more that we around gratify me love you but you should now there's one main thing and that's


Baby girl you be my queen
The only thing that make a thug smile in his dreams
And make me feel that I ain't as thug as I seem
When we make love, have me weak at the knees
The only female that could do what she please
But say it ain't tricking when I'm giving her g's
Car weather I'm hurt or I'm safe in the streets
I'll tell you mommy don't worry I'm safe with the heat
Now come a little closer move your waist to the beat
In the winter on the carpet for heat
When you sleep
There's no other couple that's fucking with we
The more I'm around gratify me to love you
There's one thing to know your next


I've been all around the world before, but I know your the one for me
Just stay good you'll see
I don't want to have to run these streets no more
For now girl its ride or die
Baby I'm a get you right


See I told you everything was going to be aight in here
We got to grind, we go to eat
That way I can take you on shopping sprees and all that good stuff
You understand what I'm saying right?
Stand by your boys side
Together, me and you can ride
It's when I hustle, lets go

Who Wrote When I Hustle By Lloyd?

Phalon(phajazze) Alexander, Phalon Anton Alexander, Aaron Clay, Lawrence Frank, Lloyd Polite

What's The Duration Of The When I Hustle By Lloyd?

The duration of When I Hustle is 3:34 minutes and seconds.

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