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Rain Lyrics by Locomotive
Rain Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Rain By Locomotive?

Rain is falling around your ears
But you know that nobody hears
Once I felt the same as you
Doomed to eternity but it's not true

Now I wonder what can I do?
Your rain had us hosing and so have you
Now our bus run far away
To hide from the things I did on that rainy day

The rain is falling around your ears
Facing the gutter where they were once watching
Now I've stopped running and must face the facts
Rain that is running down that plastic mask
My life's nearly ended and so has the rain
So be with you now for ever again

Who Wrote Rain By Locomotive?

Joan Beatrice Elizabeth Haines, Rose Marie Cooper

What's The Duration Of The Rain By Locomotive?

The duration of Rain is 3:25 minutes and seconds.

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