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Changes Lyrics by Loggins & Messina
Changes Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Changes By Loggins & Messina?

You are a young man
And you're eager to seek
A way to let the world
Know what you think
The lesson learned
Is not taught in a school
You have to start out first
By being the fool

But I see changes
They happen every day
And I see change
Coming your way

You give your life away
For what in return
A chance to see your name
In lights, while you learn
Your manager is home
And working a way
To keep you on the road
And moving day to day


You work yourself to death
So you can have a home
You put your money aside
To call it all your own
You finally save enough
And you think you're gonna advance
Turn around, there's Uncle Sam
He's got his hand down your pants

[Chorus 2x]

Maybe some change
Is all that we need
Change is coming to help us succeed
Change happens every day
Change happens every day
Change happens every day

Who Wrote Changes By Loggins & Messina?

Jim Messina

What's The Duration Of The Changes By Loggins & Messina?

The duration of Changes is 3:53 minutes and seconds.

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