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Stainless Lyrics by Logic
Stainless Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Stainless By Logic?

Motherfuckers wanna get famous
Bust guns and get dangerous (dangerous)
Daddy graduated from Cambridge
Money talks in every language
Real recognize that stainless
Silver spoon what my aim is
Y'all don't know what that game is
Y'all don't know what that uh
Y'all about that fraternity life
If you're from where I'm from then as soon as you come
Baby girl gon' be about that maternity life
If you do like my daddy then she gonna be single and
Alone that maternity life for eternity life
Eternity life probably thinking we livin' that life
'Cause we do what we do
But hold up let me get it right
Everybody got problems, everybody got problems
But not everyone need a .45 to solve them
Revolve them
Take care of all of them like this
I might just go crazy
All the way
Y'all live that live where your safety is only a call away
But not us
Momma and daddy never bought us
Not a god damn thing but they brought us
Broke as hell we couldn't fund the trust
Outside run around with a gun to bust
Police looking for every one of us
Back then yeah all of that was fun to us
Had a little bit of money in the middle
Let me hit 'em with a riddle
If I never had a dark night I might not not not not be the same
(Might not be the)

I know my mind is sober
But I'm so high, its sober
I Know my mind is sober
But I'm so high, its sober
And I want it ?

Everybody wanna live lavish, a million in the bank on average
They cutthroat yeah they savage
They riding round with the baddest bitch
One day, I woke up, and said I'm bout to do for the rest of my life
No question it's right
Waiting for the bus at a stop light looking
At the cop right in front of my eyes
Living in a world of lies
Where the truth dies and hatred multiplies, mu-mu-mu-multiplies
I said I can't take it
I remember if I would ever make it
But as I reminisce I realize it was all irrelevant, it's evident
I'm getting money for the hell of it
Never f*ck around until the flow celibate
Speaking for the people like a delegate
And when the situation's delicate
I execute it with the proper etiquette
Everybody wanna get ahead of it, no
I can't take the time to stop
It ain't all about the money so I'm headed to the top
But I'm still getting guap never stop unless a body drop
Metaphorical motherfucker to get it in
While the whole world spin for the dividend
But I'm in another system
Everybody hate till he dead then they miss 'em
Why can't we relax and listen
Stop spending money on things that glisten

I know my mind is sober
But I'm so high, its sober
I Know my mind is sober
But I'm so high, its sober
And I want it ?

Who Wrote Stainless By Logic?

Joshua Scruggs, Dacoury Natche, Arjun Ivatury, Robert Bryson Hall, Ozan Yildrim, Diondria Elaine Thornton, Diondra Thornton

What's The Duration Of The Stainless By Logic?

The duration of Stainless is 3:20 minutes and seconds.

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