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[Untitled] Lyrics by London After Midnight
[Untitled] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For [Untitled] By London After Midnight?

Twilight the leaves fall,
The ground is oh so cold
Sing about God,
Sing on his death
Sing about love
And sing about sex
Your great mystery's a lie
Hypocrisy's the rule
Sing on
The Death of God

Of darkness and light,
Of heaven and hell,
Of sinful delights.
Beneath our feet lie shattered wings,
Our screams bring the awakening of God

So say goodbye to torture and lies,
And if there's a God pray he opens his eyes
His angels aren't the master race,
We'll tell him when we're face to face with God

Who Wrote [Untitled] By London After Midnight?

Sean Brennan

What's The Duration Of The [Untitled] By London After Midnight?

The duration of [Untitled] is 4:14 minutes and seconds.

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