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Shyer Lyrics by London Grammar
Shyer Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Shyer By London Grammar?

I'm feeling shyer and the world gets darker
Hold yourself a little higher
Bridge that gap just further
And all your being
I'd ask you to give it up
Oh ancient feeling love
So beautifully dressed up

Feeling shyer
I'm feeling shyer
I'm feeling shyer

Maybe you should call her
Deep in the night for her
And all your being I'd ask you to give it up
I'd ask you to give it up

Hei, give it up
we would give it up

Who Wrote Shyer By London Grammar?

Daniel Harry Joseph Rothman, Dominic Ashley Ronald Major, Hannah Reid, Hannah Felicity May Reid, Joel Potts

What's The Duration Of The Shyer By London Grammar?

The duration of Shyer is 3:07 minutes and seconds.

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