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Money Lyrics by Lonely Kings
Money Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Money By Lonely Kings?

And I can see it when you borrow
Those words don't carry you down
And I can feel it, All you
Sorrow, those words mean
Nothing to you now
Money, for a while
Money gone give ya some of it
Live the life of style
Money for the greed
Pulling strings, pushing nothing
Diplomatic friend
I guess you got it good now
I can't get nothing from you now
So won't you give it?
Give it to me, money
Money, across the seas
Turning lives into dividends
Give it up to me money
The color green
Turning gears of consumption
Wind above the wings, money

Who Wrote Money By Lonely Kings?

Janie Bradford, Berry Gordy Jr., Berry Jr Gordy

What's The Duration Of The Money By Lonely Kings?

The duration of Money is 3:35 minutes and seconds.

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