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Get Ready

Get Ready Lyrics by M.O.D.
Get Ready Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Get Ready By M.O.D.?

Someone called for the doctor
Got your cure on the tip of my tongue
Call me God of Thunder
You wanted the best, so here I come

We hit the stage, play all the hits
The place is packed, there's nowhere to sit
You scream for more, we rock the crowd
Let's hear it, shout it out loud!

Get ready! Ooh yeah!
Are you ready? Ooh yeah!
So get ready! Ooh yeah!
Get up! Get down! Get ready!

Turn it up, make it hotter than hell
The army's here, let's hear you all yell
You love it loud, we love it loud too
Let me hear you! Do it!

Get ready!

Who Wrote Get Ready By M.O.D.?

William Massie

What's The Duration Of The Get Ready By M.O.D.?

The duration of Get Ready is 3:22 minutes and seconds.

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