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Torero Lyrics by Machito Orchestra
Torero Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Torero By Machito Orchestra?

Hey Chico, one more time

I met him on a bus in Barcelona
We kinda got to talkin'
But he did all the talkin'
I asked him what he did in Barcelona
In sunny Barcelona
And this is what he said

You are fortunate my friend
Of this there is no doubt
For everywhere I go the people shout

Hey torero make way for Don Jose the great torero
In Spain I am a famous Caballero
I fight the bravest bull in all the land
With the flip of the hip of the music of the band
I cha cha, the bull is so confused because I cha cha
I never kill him, only if he gets in my way
Torero, torero play

He bragged about the many senoritas
Who showered him with flowers
With big bouquets of flowers
He told me that in Holly wood
They want him to be like Marlon Brando
The great big movie star
But as he left the bus he met two men in white
He shouted as they took him out of sight
Hey torero

Who Wrote Torero By Machito Orchestra?

Nicola Salerno, Renato Carosone

What's The Duration Of The Torero By Machito Orchestra?

The duration of Torero is 3:04 minutes and seconds.

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