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Jesus Lyrics by Major Murphy
Jesus Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Jesus By Major Murphy?

I do remember the first time that I did take
The good lord Jesus' sweet holy name in vain
And it came out alright
Didn't put up too much of a fight
And then I realized I need you in my life

Oh how I wish that there was something I could do
Just to get through be true, go on make it up to you
I know you now how I feel, you know my heart it rolls like a wheel
Now I'm head over heels, rolling into the blue, just for you

I don't know how to be
Can't you see I'm down on my knees
I'm saying, "Please, baby please" I want you next to me
Please tell me what you know, tell me how it will go
Please won't you show me what it means?
I was blind then you gave me sight
Now I realize how I need you in my life
Jesus Christ, my life

Who Wrote Jesus By Major Murphy?

Brian John Voortman, Jacob Michael Bullard, Jacqueline Carol Warren

What's The Duration Of The Jesus By Major Murphy?

The duration of Jesus is 3:16 minutes and seconds.

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