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Mary Lyrics by Major Murphy
Mary Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mary By Major Murphy?

Oh Mary, where you going?
Are you leaving for a day?
I know that you're going someplace
Just where I couldn't say
Are you wishing your last penny to the bottom of a well?
Is there something you believe in if there is I couldn't tell

I'm standing on a corner, I'm standing on a line
That Mary she's just staying on my mind
See you on the TV, I can see you on the phone
I can see you high upon that throne
A captive to memories you don't own

But you play them back
Time and time again, when you're alone
It's not a pleasant thing, but I know it's how it goes

So Mary, where you going?
How could I pretend that nothing ever changes
That was now and this is then
Yeah, I think you're becoming an even brighter star
Oh, won't you keep on shining, no matter where you are?

But so many things will try and drag you down
They will turn your song into an empty sound
See the judge commission just based upon a whim
To some it's law, to others it's a sin
To many more, it's a tangled mess we're in
But I think it's true that when you are at the end
You are closest then to where you once began

Who Wrote Mary By Major Murphy?

Brian John Voortman, Jacob Michael Bullard, Jacqueline Carol Warren

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