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When I Go Out

When I Go Out Lyrics by Major Murphy
When I Go Out Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For When I Go Out By Major Murphy?

When I go out, I'll see nothing new
If I stay in I'm just missing you
Like a shoelace, I come undone
Like our planet, you're the only one, just one

The time has come to see you
In the sunlight, when it shines on us
It's the good light from up above
When I'm hungry or filled with pain
When I'm lonely I call your name again

But I have changed
I'm starting to walk onward, either high or low
On a shoestring, on a tight rope

I'm a dancer, I want to be a romancer out in the ring
It's a dream, do you dream too? dream with me

When I come to I'll tell you there are some days
There are sun days too, it is all ways, it is nothing new
At the center, it's a living thing
It's appearing but a mystery
I believe, in time we'll come to see you

Who Wrote When I Go Out By Major Murphy?

Brian John Voortman, Jacob Michael Bullard, Jacqueline Carol Warren

What's The Duration Of The When I Go Out By Major Murphy?

The duration of When I Go Out is 6:26 minutes and seconds.

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