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A New Heart

A New Heart Lyrics by Malcolm Middleton
A New Heart Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For A New Heart By Malcolm Middleton?

I've been asked to write a song without a swear word or a slight
At myself or another, for my mother for my bride
A song that'll shine on my kids and theirs to come
Something that'll love them and watch over when I'm gone
To my ward, to my wheel-chair, to my runner's-up drip
Will you push me will you pull when I'm too fat to see myâ?¦
Didn't I always tell you I'd stay for 2000 years?
You'd better hope that science fiction doesn't have good ears
You're rubbing on my genie hurry up and make a wish
Quenched that thirst my bag is burst watch out for all myâ?¦
Flies trying to break in to my eyes like little rymes
Of hatred trying to squeeze inside all these precious lines
I see across to the hills and the bridge that wears the sun
I remember how I feel when I know you're going to come
Running up the stairway and through the front door
Cook us dinner then we burst, take pictures on the floor
Remember when I sing my songs that opposites attract
That's why these shavings of despair come zooming to my heart
For he is gold and magnet-red and beacon and a light
I take these flies and pick them off and catalogue the night
So put it in your eyes any way that you like
I say the words and feel your heart when I lie awake at night
I know sometimes I'm moody and you have to wear kid-gloves
I'm trying hard to better myself I'm trying to rise above
So I tried to write a song without a swear word or a slight
At myself or another at my mother at my bride
I almost got accosted by the good old negative
And even when I'm screaming love I'm swearing that it isâ?¦
Shouldn't I just admit it that I've lost the race to lose
Break the record in it's track and stop being confused
A friend to my failures and a friend to myself
Is what I'll be when I've fixed the roof and everything else.

Who Wrote A New Heart By Malcolm Middleton?

Malcolm Middleton

What's The Duration Of The A New Heart By Malcolm Middleton?

The duration of A New Heart is 2:51 minutes and seconds.

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