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Loneliness Shines

Loneliness Shines Lyrics by Malcolm Middleton
Loneliness Shines Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Loneliness Shines By Malcolm Middleton?

Feels like the world's against us today
Karma's flying got a sting in her tail
A new best friend has let me down so badly
Seems like a year and this feels like a hole
Sitting with the sun in the slats on my wall
Bumps in the carpet the threat of despair
I've left the whole world under there
My loneliness shines out myâ?¦.
Out of sight out of mind
Out my mind with no sight
For what matters I dwell on mistakes
In 5 years I'll know what I've done
But I'll be 5 years too late
Give me a mile and a destination
My favorite place is Falkirk High Station
Metal rails stretch off towards life
And I'm just waiting
I think I've cracked it
We are what we do
We're made up of actions and there are no rules
But don't stand on heads to get higher, listen to your angels,
And spread through life like a fire
I'm so lucky, got goose bumps again
Listening to the song of a friend
Spill my guts tell you everything
Like how I've got it all but appreciate nothing

Who Wrote Loneliness Shines By Malcolm Middleton?

Malcolm Middleton

What's The Duration Of The Loneliness Shines By Malcolm Middleton?

The duration of Loneliness Shines is 4:19 minutes and seconds.

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