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The Haunting

The Haunting Lyrics by Malefice
The Haunting Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Haunting By Malefice?

Prayed for the blackened apart
With a broad weight of the world
Bleeding am I loved you my lessons the hard way
The birth of a new day touches my skin I inhale deeply
Watch me bleed for you (bleed for you)

Embarrassed of your own demise
Remorse this and disperse of regret
So let the darkness consume you
With not a moments haste of heart
Your world comes crashing down on you

Punished for his temptation
The haunting opened his eyes
I watch events unfold
The curse, of the touch of gold

I watch events unfold
The curse, of the touch of gold

Blinded by materialistic and selfish views
With not a moment to spare, you wish your life away again

Who Wrote The Haunting By Malefice?

Benjamin Symons, Dale Butler

What's The Duration Of The The Haunting By Malefice?

The duration of The Haunting is 9:55 minutes and seconds.

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