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Condemned Lyrics by Malevolent Creation
Condemned Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Condemned By Malevolent Creation?

Christianity a silent disease
Blind to a God who lets you suffer
Redemption, begging for forgiveness
Living a life of constant never ending pain

Blinded by your beliefs
Waiting to someone to save you
Brain washed by religion
Using a book to help you pray

Fear the injection
of artificial fluids
Your faith will be your downfall
I guess you 'd rather die

Condemned by primitive ways
Born to suffer
To the power of a cross
Swallowed, your fate

Hypnotized, trapped inside
Convinced you'll live if you pray
Reality, can't you see
Killed by your mindless way

You say the lord will save you
Religious half breed freak
A curable sickness will end you
Better you than me


Who Wrote Condemned By Malevolent Creation?

Jason Blachowicz, Jon Rubin, Phil Fasciana

What's The Duration Of The Condemned By Malevolent Creation?

The duration of Condemned is 4:00 minutes and seconds.

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