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Leech Lyrics by Malevolent Creation
Leech Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Leech By Malevolent Creation?

Mindless ignorance
A burden to all
Beyond help
Waiting for your wake up call

Don't know your priorities
Lost in depression
It's too late now
To save you from yourself

Don't want to be a slave
Learn to earn your way

In your face you don't see
Morals you receive
No more dignity
Living off others
Draining all your pride
Talking through your ass
Think you're something you're not

Can't you see you nothing for me
Give an inch, then you take advantage

Don't want to be
Earn your way

No more dignity

Don't know your priorities
To save you from yourself.

Who Wrote Leech By Malevolent Creation?

Jason Blachowicz, Phil Fasciana

What's The Duration Of The Leech By Malevolent Creation?

The duration of Leech is 2:56 minutes and seconds.

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