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I Got Married (Interlude)

I Got Married (Interlude) Lyrics by Mama Wallace
I Got Married (Interlude) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For I Got Married (Interlude) By Mama Wallace?

I was coming from work one day and my crazy son run up to me and says "hi, mom, I got married"
I said "who in tarnation did you marry?"
He said "oh, she's a nice girl. Oh, mom, you're gonna like her! She's the daughter you never had."
I'm not gonna tell you what I said to him because to me personally every beautiful woman that he saw,
He was gonna marry them.
I said "you know what? I'm not ready for this yet so I think you better keep her away from me."
Now almost every night before I [?] "may I speak to christopher"
Such a calm, calm voice
I answered "I'm sorry, christopher's not here. May I ask who's calling?"
"This is faith."
"Faith?" I said "gosh, this must be the wife."
So I said "faith? Do you know to whom you're speaking?"
She said, "miss wallace?"
I said, "yes," and I said "may I ask you another question?
How would you feel you got married and your husband keeps calling your house
And you don't identify yourself or acknowledge me as a mother, you as a wife.
How do you think your mother would feel?"
And she goes, "i know how you feel, but christopher told me stay away from you."
I said, "to be honest with you, I did, I did tell him that"

Who Wrote I Got Married (Interlude) By Mama Wallace?

Faith Evans

What's The Duration Of The I Got Married (Interlude) By Mama Wallace?

The duration of I Got Married (Interlude) is 2:26 minutes and seconds.

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