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Ain't No Other

Ain't No Other Lyrics by MC Lyte
Ain't No Other Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Ain't No Other By MC Lyte?

Ain't no other, this is me and this is it
Don't got to get the crowbar to get you up off of my shit
I don't know why though, they try to compare me
Did not you know that you can't get NEAR me
So don't f*ck up when identifying the voice
You know from A to Z, I'm a first choice
The why to the T, surrounded by the L and the E
Put it together and you got Lyte the MC
Deep, deep, deeper than the vein
Of the membrane, squish it, put your ass to sleep
I got octaves, not to sing but to rap so
Give me dap, perhaps admit, that I'm all that
The shit that I write huh, surely chart climbers
Don't try to run, because your mom'll come and find ya
Getcha, gotcha, getcha gotcha getcha gotcha
Break ya break ya punk and f*ck that ass in two's
It's like that anna, it's like that anna
I'm not the funny fat one they call Roseanne-ah

Who Wrote Ain't No Other By MC Lyte?

Lana Michele Moorer, Marlon Maurice King

What's The Duration Of The Ain't No Other By MC Lyte?

The duration of Ain't No Other is 3:36 minutes and seconds.

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