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Can You Dig It

Can You Dig It Lyrics by MC Lyte
Can You Dig It Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Can You Dig It By MC Lyte?

I got the charm and the wit of a pop hit
But I'm street, "Catch the beat"
Don't drop it, just don't stop it
Don't you dare step off the topic
That I got a one-track mind and this track's all mind
The whole three four five six seven eight nine
In the pocket, bursting in the air are rockets
Creating lots of Lyte, get it?
How many different ways can I say it?
Piano Man, how many ways can you play it?
I spell it out, the L-why-T-E
Without a doubt, "Got to be funky!"
And it damn sho' nuff is
It gotta be like that, in this rough biz
Of music, baby, use it or lose it
What's funky is funky, you can't refuse it
I got a grip on the groove and it won't move
An inch until I pinch this party

"Can you dig it?"
"Right on"
"Right on!" [Repeat: x4]

It's my style, love it, or lump it
It's my beat, pass it or pump it
And it thumps, like a heartbeat
And when it gets old, it won't get weak
It'll get stronger, much stronger
Long live the King, but the Lyte lives longer
It's well argumented and well documented
I hold the title of the best, you can't prevent it
With a ten foot pole, you can't hold em
Born to be wild is what a song once told me
Was my destiny, so I strive to be the best
Lo and behold..
Every rhyme I write, you gots to chant them
Every song I sing, a national anthem
Is there a message in my music?
If I can do it, you can do it!

"Can you dig it?"
"Right on"
"Right on!" [Repeat: x8]

The L, why, T, E, has to make
"funky funky funky hit records" Constantly!
So in the advent of an event
I have to invent a dope style comment
I come off with flying colors
I keep my own identity, compared to no others
It's hard to do, but I pull it through
Cause I'm Lyte the MC, that's what I do
The body snatcher, yo I gots to catch a
MC head up, bring on a batch of
New ones, so I can systematically do em
The old ones, huh, I already been through em
Two by two, I do em like Noah
Yes you know the time, so let's go
The bottom line, is I'm funk bound
K-Rock and Master T, let's get down

"Can you dig it?"
"Right on"
"Right on!" [Repeat: x8]

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What's The Duration Of The Can You Dig It By MC Lyte?

The duration of Can You Dig It is 3:15 minutes and seconds.

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