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Jammin' Lyrics by MC Lyte
Jammin' Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Jammin' By MC Lyte?

[Bob Marley (MC Lyte)]
We jammin' (Bob Marley, Bob Marley)
I wanna jam it with you
We jammin' (Bob Marley, Bob Marley)
I hope you like jammin' too

[Bob Marley]
In rows or around, we can jam it anyhow
I'n'I, I will see you through
Everyday we pay the price, with a livin' sacrafice
Jammin' 'til the jam is through

[Bob Marley]
We jammin', to think that jammin' was a thing of the past
We jammin and I hope the jam is gonna last

[MC Lyte]
We jammin' on the for the daughters and sons
The struggle is not over until the battle is won
Hip-Hop is life but it ain't all to me
Now where would we be if they take our mics from we.
Or better yet strip on might itself
We done it before so I sit by the door
Those that claim but don't really know the game
Bob Marley, learn the man behind the name

[Bob Marley]
Oh Holy Mount Zion
Oh Holy Mount Zion
Oh Holy Mount Zion
Oh Holy Mount Zion
We see it in Mount Zion
And Rules all creation

[Bob Marley]
Were jammin' [Repeats]
Hope you like jammin' to [Repeats]

[MC Lyte]
J-A-Double M-I-N
We be jammin' from Brooklyn down to Kingston
We be jammin' in the name of the Lord sweet Allah
We no the blessings from above I and are be no rap star
Exodus when i bust,
See the struggle i must,
Realizing the just but whats next on the cusp
All soldiers of war steadily ignore
Still we ain't sure what the battle is for
Years ago when we toured
Ready to explore
Entered through back doors
Treated like stank manure
Spoke up for rights, we were cracked in the jaw
Elvis made a bundle while we remained poor
We remained poor
but we be jammin'

I'n'I will see you through [Repeat: x2]

MC Lyte]
Come along way but we're still not there yet

[Bob Marley]
I'n'I will see you through
Jah knows the mighty cry, the truth it cannot hide
To keep you satisfied
Love that does exist, is the love i cant resist
So jam by my side

We jammin'
and we're jammin' in the name of the lord
we're jammin'

we're jammin right straight from york
holy mount zion

I'n'I will see you through [Repeats]

Who Wrote Jammin' By MC Lyte?

Mary C Brockert

What's The Duration Of The Jammin' By MC Lyte?

The duration of Jammin' is 4:09 minutes and seconds.

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