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Mickey Slipper (Interlude)

Mickey Slipper (Interlude) Lyrics by MC Lyte
Mickey Slipper (Interlude) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mickey Slipper (Interlude) By MC Lyte?

Puppy, power

Okay, hello
Watch your drink, what? Watch your drink
No, no, I think I'm too late, am I too late?

Hit it, I'm coolin' in the sun, on a beach in the cabana
Sippin' on some vodka in a glass with Tropicana
I'm chillin' and I'm chompin' on a turkey shish-ka-bab
Too far from work to hear the phone ring at the job

Men in bikinis, G-strings should I say
Waitin' for the daddy long one to come my way
Here he comes, now, I feel I start to sweat
Blunder but I wonder just how wet will I get

He offers me his hand, of course you know, I take it
Until he tells me that he wants to swim a little naked
My eyes are bulgin', I black out, damn, it's black as tar
Woke up, I don't know when, sittin' at the bar

I know it's hard to follow, the story's kinda tricky
What I didn't know was somebody slipped a Mickey
Into my drink, which caused a fantasy
And somehow slapped me back into reality

Wish I had another Mickey, I'd go back for a quickie
Find the daddy long one that was surely tryin' to get me
This just goes to show, you must stop and think
When you're out partyin', never leave your drink, word

Who Wrote Mickey Slipper (Interlude) By MC Lyte?

Bret Hadley Mazur, Michelle Moorer Lana, Richard Lawrence Wolf

What's The Duration Of The Mickey Slipper (Interlude) By MC Lyte?

The duration of Mickey Slipper (Interlude) is 1:39 minutes and seconds.

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