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One on One

One on One Lyrics by MC Lyte
One on One Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For One on One By MC Lyte?

Yeah! Uh! Uh yeah! Wooh!
Smooth, better than I've ever seen him.
As I flip the Vibe Book,
He's on the front page,
Never Looking his age.
He's all that and I'm all in.
So let the games begin.
Now I'm a give ya something,
So you could get in to it.
I got the side view so
I could watch it.
You've been on my mind,
But your're so hard to find.
Hollywood's got a hold on
That behind.
I ain't ashamed to play the game.
Listen here I won't say no names.
Put your ass out;
Make your woman put your ass out.
If you Knew that I was talking to you
You would pass out 'cause
I gave you bo type of indication and
If I did I was probably on the same medication.
I got the hots for you,
Daddy, and I just begun.
Lets do this, one on one.

One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one.
I want to play that game.
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one.
Just you and me baby, one on one.

Half way acroos the world,
I seen you at my show
Wit' your girl.
Back in italy, but you
Are still into me.
'Cause if you are,
I'm here to let ya know
You don't have to be a superstar
For me, and you to go far.
Now I ain't never lied;
You got the body of an angel.
Bango, bango.
Watch the bojangle from every angle.
I'm clocking you honey.
We could sign a prenup;
I got my own money.
I just want to get to know you
A little better in the lyte,
After dark,
On the DL,
I want to feel your muscle flex off your backbone.
I got the jones and I can't leave you alone.
I want to rub your deltoid down to your bicep.
Better late than never.
And I'm sorry I slept, but now I'm
Well awake and I'm ready for the fun.
Let's do this, one on one.


Damn. The only brother make me look twice;
Believe that baby.
I want to sacrifice.
I'm on it, you couldn't shake me off
If you tried.
No sleeping on the job and
I'm wide-eyed.
I like the video you got out;
The song is butter.
Try to keep a clean head and my mind
Out the gutter.
But it's hard; you bring out the best and the worst.
If you way back when I
Would've let you hit it first.
Love, its like water on the brain,
Only you can tame this runaway train.
Last time I seen ya, gleam in your eye,
You was looking fly with your girl
By your side.
Shit, I ain't trying take her place,
I just want to have your face
All up in my space.
I got the hots for ya and I just begun.
You and me baby, one on one.


Ha! Yeah!
Just you baby and me,
One on one.

Who Wrote One on One By MC Lyte?

Niles Borop, Hunter Moore

What's The Duration Of The One on One By MC Lyte?

The duration of One on One is 3:46 minutes and seconds.

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