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Sex, Money and Murder

Sex, Money and Murder Lyrics by MC Pooh
Sex, Money and Murder Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Sex, Money and Murder By MC Pooh?

"Life, it's all about sex money and murder.
To all those motherfuckers out there who can't deal with it;
You just a punk ass bitch!"

Sex money and murder, elements of the streets
You either play the role or get your god damn ass beat
See I can get the pussy and money is a must
Try to stop me, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The suckers try to win, let the games begin
Meet me, Ant Banks, Kenny Wayne and the mac-10's
We were born to die any god damn way
Here last week, but you're dead today
No time for the bullshit, let the bullets disperse
Hospital to the morgue to the motherfuckin', hearse
Deep in the game, since I was eleven
The streets are hell, so what the f*ck is heaven?
I'm one of the biggest baby and refuse to get took down
A god damn killer comin' straight from the Oaktown
Step out of line, it's mandatory I hurt ya
My hobbies in life, what? Sex money and murder

Sex from your bitch ("run, run up punk")
Money from the crack ("death.. death is a cycle")
Murder is a hobby.. murder-murder is a hobby,
Murder-murder is a hobby that I had since way back

I live the life of a criminal and hustle each day
Fool step wrong, live loose, get blown away
The ave is the only home I knew
So to get what I got, I did what I had to
Kill, deal, rob, I didn't give a f*ck
You had what I needed? You was shit out of luck
A chopper is mandatory, to lose is another story
Fools try to get with me, wind up history
You just mad, cause I got yo' bitch
And now she's ridin' on the Dangerous dick
And I can tell by your face, you're mad and full of steam
Cause now your bitch is on Pooh-Man's team
She's my bitch, was yo' bitch, come and sucks my dick
It don't stop with this young-ass trick
Run up punk, and watch yo' friends desert ya
Because my lifestyle punk, sex money and murder


So much shit, gettin' talked by the other crowd
Always talkin' and don't know what the f*ck about
I get criticized, ridiculed and other shit
But they go wild when I yell out bitch
So I can take a little criticism and laugh
And tell the critics they can kiss my ass
I ain't trippin', my money is made,
I kick back and I straight get paid
Rated X is life, mother f*ck PG
Death is a factor on the Oakland street
If you can't deal with life, don't f*ck with my rap
It's like this, cause it happen like that
Sex from your bitch, money from the crack
Murder is a hobby that I had since way back
A hit ain't shit, I learned it in class
Creep slow, shoot fast
This is the way I live, f*ck pain and torture
Believe in life, sex money and murder

Who Wrote Sex, Money and Murder By MC Pooh?

Anthony Banks, George Clinton Jr., Lawrence Thomas, Maceo Parker Jr., William Bootsy Collins

What's The Duration Of The Sex, Money and Murder By MC Pooh?

The duration of Sex, Money and Murder is 2:50 minutes and seconds.

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