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Must Be High

Must Be High Lyrics by MC Ren
Must Be High Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Must Be High By MC Ren?

These niggas be actin' like I fucked
And didn't call 'em for weeks
Like they wantin' a nigga dick
In between they butt cheeks
They straight bitchy
Without their bleedin' and Kotexes
The villain that go to Texas
Nigga got a plan full of O's and X's
What's yo' game plan?
Niggas be sayin' you sabotagin' me
But yo' bitch be suckin' my dick,
She be tellin' me that you dodgin' me
Like Piazza, a nigga gots ta,
Keep my roster, with bitches slidin' home,
No lickin' yo' shit, yo' bitch is gone
Niggas be thinkin' they Machiavelli,
Tryin' to bring drama
Soon as these niggas whoop that ass,
You talkin' Dear Mama
But face to face, these niggas be cheesin' like Velveeta,
Lookin' smoked out,
Hitin' mo' pipes than Peter
Stuck with broke hoes, broke and
Pussies that they be fuckin',
Used up and sideways
Stretck marks for days,
She about two-hun,
Gotta get pissy drunk,
To f*ck her and have fun

These niggas and hoes act the same,
Can't tell em apart,
Always runnin' 'round
Lookin' for some shit to start.
These bitches run they mouth,
Nigga, constantly
All in mine, nigga
All the time
It ain't my fault
That yo' punk ass broke
Mad, 'cause you only got
Stress to smoke.
I heard that shit that you was plottin'
Nigga you can try
To f*ck with MC Ren,
But you must be high

Niggas be high because
They workin nine to five
But the Villain be hibernatin'
Wakin' up at five PM
You see them niggas be bitchy because
I won't let 'em up on my team
And give 'em a title like Hakeem,
I'm peelin' caps like tangerines
Tellin' niggas I should
Break 'em off chips
Get 'em in clubs free
And take 'em on trips
Free-loadin' ass niggas
Lose all they sense
When they think they gon' floss
Off my expense
Niggas be goin' corner to corner
Bringin' up the bill
Askin' questions like the popos
Tryin' to see if I made a mill'
Then they take that weak shit
Back to they home fo' pillow
She shakin' her head like you tellin' the truth
But she want yo' ass to walk
What the f*ck you expected?
Always bitchin' at me
When she fuckin' yo' ass,
Nigga she be seein' me.
Go look in the room,
A costume, fo' Halloween,
Of that black nigga, you know who
So you can live yo' dream


I hear yo' ho punk bitches talkin' shit,
Tryin' to have some say
Tellin' other hoes they wouldn't
Give me no time of day
Still livin' with they mommy
She babysittin' while you fuckin'
Gettin' county cheques and money
From them niggas that you dick suckin'
But nigga, why these bitches all in mine?
Why, nigga, hearin' bullshit all the time?
Hoes from high school be wishin'
They coulda got wit this dick
You know how they be in the car-hop clicks,
Muthafuckin' tricks
Now these hoes jockin'
Like all up on my style
You broke bitches,
How you like me now?
Actin' like makin' cheese is a muthafuckin' crime
If I said "drop yo' panties",
Bitch you drop em in a dime


Who Wrote Must Be High By MC Ren?

Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, T. Jones

What's The Duration Of The Must Be High By MC Ren?

The duration of Must Be High is 3:23 minutes and seconds.

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