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You Wanna Fuck Her

You Wanna Fuck Her Lyrics by MC Ren
You Wanna Fuck Her Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For You Wanna Fuck Her By MC Ren?

You want to f*ck her, do you want to f*ck her,
The bitch is a ho, yo I thought I'd let you know
You want to f*ck her, nigga you can f*ck her,
The bitch is a ho yo I thought I'd let you know

The bitch is a stripper but thinks she's a star
Still rides the bus, can't afford a fuckin' car
Try to be the shit, needs a foot up the ass
Ya stanky stanky bitch get a new bus pass
I see her all the time gettin' kicks from hard dicks
Your pussy really stinks, who the f*ck bought you drinks
At the club, waitin' till two
So you can have a niggaz dick shoved in you
Yo, don't know the meanin' of cleanin' your cock
Ya burnt seven niggaz, yo, around the block
You always leave a trail, 'cause your pussy, it smell
Fuckin' ho, ya need to quit thinkin' that you're the shit
Your stomach fulla nut and just flushed a baby
Ya dumb fuckin' bitch yo ya must be crazy
So get back in your place ya little bitch I ain't no sucka
'Cause all my niggaz fucked her


Well here we go in this video bitch
Crabs on her pussy, got no choice but to itch
Yo, she suckin' niggaz dick for two seconds of airtime
Went so fast, didn't see your triflin' ass
Always at the functions fuckin'
Always into somethin', f*ck it, you ain't worth nothin'
You're like a disease that's what you are
Fucked the Whole Click in the back of my car
Then had the nerve to leave a stain on my seat
I shoulda slapped yo ass for doin' the same to my sheets
Every week you're on Soul Train
Lookin' like a ho, doin' the same fuckin' thing
Stretch marks, lookin' all nasty and shit
Tryin' to keep down your shirt to prevent from gettin' hurt
But 'cha brought it on yourself ya ho
Ya lost a stupid bitch and don't know where the f*ck to go
So quit tryin' to pretend
'Cause you'll get broke down by a nigga named Ren
So peep it out real slow
Next time you about to pimp a ho


If ya want to f*ck her think again
She might not be the type of bitch you want to put your dick in
But she might suck a good dick, yo, and make ya nut quick so
Never let her go 'cause she's nothin' but a ho
But then again she might start to bitch 'cause she's nothin' but a bitch
Shoot the bitch, a dead bitch, then bury the bitch, a gone bitch
What else can I say to take the place of that?
I saw my nigga DJ Trane shoot a bitch in the back


Who Wrote You Wanna Fuck Her By MC Ren?

Henrik Milling Rasmussen, Lorenzo Jerald Patterson

What's The Duration Of The You Wanna Fuck Her By MC Ren?

The duration of You Wanna Fuck Her is 4:30 minutes and seconds.

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