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Down by Law

Down by Law Lyrics by MC Shan
Down by Law Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Down by Law By MC Shan?

My name is M.C. Shan, my destiny is the stars
Being driven around in the freshest cars
All his beats and my rhymes are chill
Now I'm back once again ready to get ill
The beat's not fake, the rhyme's hardcore
My name is M.C. Shan and I'm down by law

There's been this rumor going around
About low life crab saying I ain't down
But all MC's will feel my wrath
The system is my power the mic is my staff
I have the power of command, the power of lust
At the battles all papers read

All across the country I know I'm hated
Not only by crews I've devastated
Don't ask how I know, I just can tell
By the tone of your voice as you wish me well
Filled with so much envy that your face turns green
Cause my name rings bells on the hip-hop scene
So pull out a bottle let the champagne pour
Fly rhymes so that makes me down by law

Creeping across the nation like a midnight storm
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Records I make are not distorted
Made in New York and not imported
Have never been known to make an error
Crews see me coming, their heart full of terror
Dip out the back when I step on the scene
Watch the back door, you'll see what I mean
I love to rock a party every time I can
My DJ is Marley Marl and I'm M.C. Shan
We make the freshest jams that you've ever heard
Marl, ain't we down? (Word!)

Now that we've come to the very end
His beats my rhymes are a perfect blend
We are the ones all others admire
To be like us is their desire
Never get angry always stay calm
Yet do as much damage as a nuclear bomb
Do or say anything we may
We destroy all objects in our way
As expensive as diamonds, as precious as pearls
Rap so strong, take all y'all girls
Make cold cash money, make much much more
My name is M.C. Shan and I'm down by law!

Who Wrote Down by Law By MC Shan?

Marlon Lu Ree Williams, Shawn L. Moltke Mc Shan

What's The Duration Of The Down by Law By MC Shan?

The duration of Down by Law is 4:55 minutes and seconds.

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