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Project 'Ho

Project 'Ho Lyrics by MC Shan
Project 'Ho Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Project 'Ho By MC Shan?

Listen close to the story I'm about to tell
It will never be repeated, so listen well
And if you been around the way, some of you might know
This girl we label as the project ho

Project ho (variations on the phrase)

If you looked half decent and you kicked it right
She was bound to be yours for at least a night
See, I was introduced to her by my cous'
But that was before he told me who or what she was
Me not knowin about this freak
Pulled her off to the side and began to speak
She had jet-black hair, big brown eyes
She seemed to be smart conversation-wise
I said, "You look so good, as a matter of fact
Here's my number, I ain't home, baby, call me back"
I didn't know if she was poor or filthy rich
Cause my cousin didn't tell me nothin bout the bitch
One thing I did know: I'm gonna get my thrill'
Then I cold stepped off, and said, "Baby, you chill"
You know that old saying 'if you're slow you'll blow'
She was fast, so they labelled her the Project Ho

I heard stories on the things that they said she'd do
But when I seen her, I said, 'Nah, it can't be true'
She was fair game, so I thought I'd play
And never in my life will I forget this day
I was chillin one night, I was all alone
Noddin off but awaken by the ring of the phone
To protect the guilty party, cause they mighta been stemmed
We won't say her name, so we'll just say Kim
What I heard her, goosepimples ran up my skin
I said, "How, how you're doin, and how have you been?"
She said, "I'm doin fine, I hope you're doin the same
Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, I remember your name"
I thought deep down that I peeped the card
Kept sayin to myself she was on it hard
I tried to be nice, tried to treat her kind
But she had only one thing on her mind
It always happens, well, wouldn't you know
She said, "I see you later, cause I got to go"
My cousin came home and said, "Are you some fool?
Being seen in the streets with a gardening tool"
I loooked up at him, cause I did not know
He said, "Kim, that skeezer, she's the project ho"

Me myself thought homie was dissin
Despite all that I did not listen
Wouldn't you believe it, she called me again
And this was the line that I kicked then
"I love to see you, girl, and I don't know why
Don't try to play post, cause you know you're fly
So I'd like to come and see you if I may"
I was surprised as you when she said, "Okay"
Now that that part was over and done
"Baby, what do you do at times to have fun?"
"Depending on the weather and the mood that day
Sip Dom Perrignon at a Broadway play
The other things are not good to mention
Like comin to my crib and relieve my tension"
I told her I was in love from the day we met
After talkin for hours Kim said, "Bet"
I had to let her go just to clear my line
"So I see you on Friday, let's say about 9"
From the things she said, why didn't I know
The girl on my line was the project ho

I took her out - fine's how it went
But I better got somethin for the dough I spent
Turned on the radio and heard (a world premiere)
Turned to her and said, "Where we go from here?"
The best part of it all, that thing that made it so treach
The clothes we wore were the same as the stretch
I recognized the look that was on her face
And I yelled to the driver, "Homeboy, my place"
We made it there in at least a half
"I got a choice of wines and a jaccuzzi bath"
You'll scream when I tell you what homegirl said
"Show me to the room with the king-sized bed"
I was rested real well, so I felt strong
I knocked those boots that whole night long
Right after she left, I started to itch
Then I thought of what happened, then I said, "That bitch!"
I went to see the doctor later on that day
Cause when somethin is wrong, Jack, I don't play
The doctor came over, this is what he said:
"You can't cure it with soup or layin up in your bed
You're lucky that you came to see me early, my man
Cause I guess that you know that you got it, Shan"
I said, "Well, my man, that only goes to show:
Believe em when they tell you she's the project ho"

Who Wrote Project 'Ho By MC Shan?

Marlon Lu Ree Williams, Shawn L. Moltke Mc Shan

What's The Duration Of The Project 'Ho By MC Shan?

The duration of Project 'Ho is 5:12 minutes and seconds.

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